quanta 150ah battery


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quanta 150ah battery

The unique benefits Amaron Quanta Offers to its customers are:

  • HIGHER LIFE : Patented heavy duty lead alloy gives higher service Life
  • HIGHER POWER : Unique "Rugged" profile, ensuring more power for the same AH
  • FASTER RECHARGE : Patented "Instacharge", paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance
  • HIGHLY RELIABLE : Comes out of Amara Raja's world class manufacturing facility
  • AFTER SALES SUPPORT : Prompt after sales support across Nigeria
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year


Nominal voltage 12 Volts Rated capacity (C20 Hour rate at 27°C) 150 Ampere Hour Dimensions Length 453mm Width 173mm Height 251mm Weight ± 1.0 Kgs (approx.) 45.0 Kgs 

For Bulk Orders Call (01) 4536190.

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