ME.3 Energy Ltd Comprises of fully-staffed engineering and services department dedicated to design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of all PV solar systems, backup power systems and UPS systems designed to deliver solutions that perform beyond conventional systems.


The site layout and construction can have a large impact on the performance of any system. ME.3 Energy utilizes its vast industry-specific knowledge to analyses all the physical aspects of the site from what the ideal location of the PV panels would be up to the perfect locations for batteries and other sensitive equipment to ensure optimal performance as well as longevity. The site inspection is also critical in identifying the most cost-effective solution. The input from the site inspection is used in the design phase.


Our team of business development experts and qualified engineers select the correct components from our product range, quality international brands with exceptional performance and matching warranties, to populate your system. Various configurations are taken into account to ensure that we arrive at a system that will guarantee performance for up to 30-years … and beyond.


Any system can utilize the best possible equipment and design to achieve the greatest efficiency however all of this can potentially be for nothing if the system is not correctly and effectively installed. ME.3 Energy has an in-house team of electricians and skilled laborers that perform the installation of your system under the expert eye of an experienced and qualified Engineer.


Information is power, and with this background ME 3 Energy has developed a user-friendly reporting Service Centre to suit all your needs, providing you empirical data that depicts vital statistic such as savings, environmental benefits, faults, etc. These are compared to predefined baselines to ensure that your system is performing optimally and providing you with the expected return. ME.3 Energy service center are available to clients of ME.3 Energy as well as those with existing PV Solar Systems.