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ME3 Energy offers a variety of high-performance, long-life LED retrofit solutions for general, indoor, and outdoor lighting with energy savings up to 80% over traditional lighting.

We start off by having our team of Project Managers facilitate an on-site assessment of all outdated lighting at your facility. Once we’ve cataloged all of your lightings, we go back to our office and analyze your potential savings from switching to LED. We then calculate the installation costs and any incentives available from your state or local utility. Sometimes our clients don’t realize the substantial savings that come along with this process, and that’s where we can help.

We can also take care of lighting energy assessments, calculating ROI, and processing government incentives. 


At ME.3 Energy Ltd, we provide customers with lighting solutions and we always do our best to help you achieve the best lighting effects with the fewest lights fixture. Our solar street lights can stay lit for more than one night;  if the sun is not available for a couple of days.

Solar street lights turn on automatically by sunlight sensor, no need for manual operation. Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid. Hence, the operation costs are minimized. Solar street lights require much less maintenance compared to conventional street lights. Since external wires are eliminated, the risk of accidents is minimized. This is a non-polluting source of electricity Separate parts of the solar system can be easily carried to the remote areas

As a Distributor for over 5 years, we pride in supplying and installation of only top-notch brands. Our solar street light brands comes with these essential features: ZERO connection and cable installation costs! Night sensor + PIR Motion Sensor dimming allows for long battery operations. 120° wide lighting angle.