Solar System Installation


Residential Solar

ME3 Energy believes there is a better, less expensive, cleaner way for families to power their homes. By generating and storing energy in our homes, we can share power across neighborhoods and our entire energy system. We have been building this future for over the years, and every year it grows brighter. Now is the time to make your own energy. Share it with your neighbors. Build a clean, affordable, reliable future for the whole nation.

We Provide Comprehensive Home Solar System Support. ME.3 Energy Coverage: From contract signature through system life.

Still Wondering “What if...?”

From paperwork to monitoring to repairs, our world-class Care Team takes care of everything for our customers. We use only the best panel, inverter manufacturers and installers, and create systems that require zero upkeep from you. That means you get an affordable system for little to no money up-front, lower utility bills for decades to come, and a cleaner environment, all without lifting a finger. We've thought of everything!

What if something breaks?

You pay nothing .Zero. We cover your system’s maintenance, plus we take care of paperwork, scheduling, and more. With ME.3 Energy, you’ll never pay a dime for repairs.

What if my solar panels stop working?

Our Monitoring Team oversees all ME.3 Energy systems annually - monitoring each solar system’s so you don’t have to think twice. If something happens, or your system performance dips, we are alerted and you can contact us ASAP to get it fixed.

What if I need help?

Don’t worry. We don’t have call center agents with prewritten scripts. Instead, we have a world-class 24/7 Customer Care team based in our head office ready to help resolve any issues that may arise.

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We have designed commercial solar electricity installations for businesses ranging from Roof-top Mounts, Ground Mounts, Carports & Canopies installations to Large Ground Mount systems as we apply years of experience to our custom system details for the commercial property owner, industrial facility manager, solar farm, or homeowner with a business on their property. Good common sense dictates that economic feasibility be a factor in your solar power business decision. Grid tie solar electric systems for commercial businesses and government agencies are the fastest growing segment of the solar market worldwide. With net metering programs now approved in most of the states in Nigeria, thousands of businesses, schools, and government agencies are now experiencing the benefits of solar electricity.

Still Wondering "Why should I install a solar power system on my business...?"

  • Return on Investment
    With the federal tax credit, and a five year accelerated depreciation of the system value, the return on investment of a large solar power system has never been better. Typical ROI's are 5-8 years. With our financial analysis tools, we can help determine the ROI of a solar power system on your business. 
  • Stabilize Your Power Costs
    With utility rates rising every year, a solar power system can stabilize your power costs. After the system has paid for itself, you are producing free power, lowering the costs of the remaining power you buy from the utility. 
  • Green Marketing
    There's no better way to show your customers that your business cares about the planet than by installing a grid-tie solar system. Many of our customers state the fact that their business is solar powered in all their marketing literature and communications. You can talk about your business minimizing its carbon footprint. If your business is not too power hungry, you can actually become carbon neutral with a solar power system that offsets your carbon footprint 100%. 
  • Time for a new roof?
    There's no better time to install a solar power system than when you are putting on a new roof. You can drastically lower the cost of your system by using your roofing contractor to install the solar array supports on your underlying building structure. They will seal the supports and warranty their installation for any leaking. Then it's easy to install the array on the supports with your facilities staff or a local electrician. 

Why should I buy a commercial grid-tie system from ME.3 Energy Ltd?

Through our purchasing volume, ME.3 Energy Ltd has negotiated the best pricing on solar modules, inverters, and the balance of system equipment. We supply a complete custom-designed integrated solar power system for your facility at the lowest possible price. We encourage you to get an installed price for a solar power system and then compare it to our system prices. Look at the Naira per watt offered for a complete, installed system versus the Naira per watt cost for our systems. If you can manage the installation with your staff or hire a subcontractor, you can save yourself considerable money and greatly accelerate your Return on Investment.


olar carport and canopy

We customize and pre-fabricated turn-key solar carport mounting solutions for companies without space for a rooftop or ground mounted system have the option to make good use of other available areas with elevated structures like a carport or canopy. Its available in all sizes and configurations. Whether your residential project is complex or simple, we have a ground-mounted solar carport system solution for you. Let our experienced professional team assist you with the design of your residential solar carport system project. Feel free to contact us for professional assistance.

ME.3 Energy has been providing residential customers with many different flat-roof mounting systems. We assure our customers that the solar panel mounts that we supply come from reputable manufacturers like Jinko, Canadian Solar, etc. Their long-standing track records maintain high quality products, positive history, proven cost-effectiveness and high customer focused value. ME.3 Energy offer's both packaged and custom complete systems for the homeowner or contractor looking for a low price on residential flat-roof solar systems and components that offer true product satisfaction. You will find some of the more popular solar panels, grid-tie inverters, and system components at a low price for your flat-roof mounted residential grid-tie solar system. All systems can be customized! Different roof mount, solar module, inverter and voltage options are available, all at low wholesale prices.

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" It's almost one year into my solar installation I could not be happier. My experience working with ME.3 Energy Ltd was excellent. They gave me the confidence to move forward with my residential solar installation. I could not be more happy with the panel and inverter recommendation. After purchase, all the equipment was quickly delivered directly to my home, including panels, inverters and racking and was found in good condition. Great job to ME.3 Energy... "

Port Harcourt
Christopher Okafor

" I knew exactly what I wanted, because I spent 3 years researching if solar make sence for our house and situation. Tried different quotes from 7 different companies, and finally stoped at ME.4 Energy Ltd . Never regretted. There was a couple of electrical issues at my apartment even before we moved into the house but that was not an excuse, still ME.3 Energy Engineers took the situation under control and fixed the issues immediately. After installation they followed up to make sure that everything is working well. Which is very important in business. I will highly recommend this company to anyone looking for solar installation... "

John Lewis
Ikeja, Lagos

" ME.3 ENERGY - you guys rock!! True professionals, super fast, excellent service as promised. I was surprised the way they completed end to end setup within 2 days. They keep each and every steps explained and informed. I am glad that I got you guys for Solar. Keep up the good work... "

Prince Frank Edwards
Ikoyi, Lagos

" Very fast and professional, excellent work on the installation, the system is paying for itself from day 1. My monthly household expenses are the same as they were before the system, but as everybody else's electricity prices rise mine stays the same; my solar is paying off. Absolutely no reason not to do this if you have the resources... "

Monday Okereke

" The installers for my home solar installation from ME.3 Energy Ltd were very friendly, helpful, and punctual. They worked diligently and kept me abreast with all updates. Excellent job!. "

Morenike Adeniyi
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

" Congratulations to the ME.3 Energy team for completing this project in the allocated time frame. The feedback I received from Cruzeford staff, highlighted the professionalism demonstrated by ME.3 Energy Solar staff during this project. "

Cruzeford Representative

" ME.3 Energy Ltd recently installed a 52kW solar system for our business. I can only say great things about it. Initially we received quotes that made the system not cost effective. This is when we were approached by ME.3 Energy and agreed to a meeting for a consultant to visit our site. From the first meeting it was evident to us that ME.3 Energy Solar’s knowledge, experience and quality was superior to others within the Nigerian market. They provided us absolute confidence we were in the right hands. From start to finish the entire ME.3 Energy team was a pleasure to work with. Our system has been installed since July 2017 and we instantly saw great results. Our bill has decreased from around N280,000 to N80,000- N100,000 each month, which sits right in line with the original proposal…Obviously we are very happy with our choice to proceed with ME.3 Energy Ltd! I would happily recommend ME.3 Energy Ltd to any other company wishing to install a solar system. "

A & T Distributors Representative

" ME.3 Energy Ltd installed our solar system. We are very happy with their service and communication and the system was installed in a professional manner with a minimum of disruptions to our workplace. The staff have been very helpful and professional and we are very happy to recommend ME.3 Energy as a high quality and expert installation company.” "

Adeniji & logistics Representative

" We have been very happy with the thorough approach of ME.3 Energy to every stage of our site evaluation, system installation and service requirements. Initially they provided a good and complete cost analysis of our existing power usage and projected solar power requirements, which helped us decide on a good informed solution. With the provided system monitoring it is now easy to track our savings with an iPhone or using a desktop PC. They were very thorough in their design and analysis stage for the installation, with ME.3 Energy staff at all times friendly to deal with and not pushy, with good service response to any concerns or issues.” "

Label Image Representative

" From the very start of this process ME.3 Energy was amazing to work with. They kept us informed every step of the way. We originally went in just to get information and ended up starting the process. I never felt pressured from the sales rep and felt confident that the information she was giving us was correct not just a sales pitch. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely be recommending them to whom ever is looking for solar...thanks again to all the staff at ME.3 Energy Ltd !!! "

Kimberley C

" Excellent communication and service. All staff involved in the process were friendly, helpful, patient and professional. The final product looks great. It was a pleasure to work with all personnel involved and we would recommend them enthusiastically and without any hesitation. "

Brad and Debbie