Hoppecke sun power VR L 2-1000 OPzV

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Hoppecke sun power VR L 2-1000 OPzV

Maintenance-free sealed VRLA battery 909Ah (C10)/ 1.80 V, 1130Ah (C100) / 1.85 V

These batteries are specially designed for Off-Grid photovoltaic applications such as DC systems, AC coupled systems, telecommunication centres and in control, signalling and UPS installations. With their leak-proof design and good resistance to deep discharge, they are a reliable type of battery, also characterised by low self-discharge.


  • For easy installation and replacement, these batteries are designed according to DIN 40742
  • Active-Power Battery
  • 1.80 VDC
  • Filled and charged

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Your benefits with HOPPECKE OPzV solar.power

  • Maximum cycle stability and durability
    in particular during PSoC operations
  • Reduced maintenance requirements with the greatest safety
    maintenance free due to sealed Gel-technology (VRLA)
  • Highest reliability
    in the supply of isolated power networks or remote off-grid applications
  • Highest project flexibility
    provided by excellent storage capabilitiy
  • Optimal environmental compatibility
    closed loop for substance recovering in an accredited recycling system
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ManufacturerCollins & Hayes
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