geotextile membrane 5m by 100m

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geotextile membrane geotextile membrane cost per m2-2
geotextile membrane allows no water to pass through, making them an excellent choice for any kind of project in which you want to keep water in a specific place, or prevent water from flowing into a certain area. Such as in attenuation tank systems.


5m width

100m length

geotextile membrane cost per m2: N9000


  • Supportive Fabric For Construction Applications
  • Companion Product For Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing
  • Helps Bridge Gaps and Waterproof Corners of Structures

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is a general-purpose woven geotextile for use as a drainage filter and separator in all types of civil engineering, building and landfill projects. geotextile membrane is used below access roads (both temporary and permanent) to create a firm base on which to place the crushed stone foundation layer. G90 is also used in construction of equestrian arenas as a seperator membrane between the sub-base layer and the drainage layer to prevent blocking of the drainage system and to keep the surface seperate from the sub-base. geotextile membrane is also used to line drainage trenches to prevent the fine soil particles from blocking the filter stone. The woven geotextile is a high performance filter that will allow all the water through whilst at the same time preventing the passage of soil particles.  geotextile membrane cost per m2 is currently N9000

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