Armflex 25mm 1m by 8m with Aluminium foil

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Armflex 25mm 1m by 8m with Aluminium foil

Armflex is a highly flexible, closed-cell EPDM-based insulation material. As a roll product, it is particularly suitable for cutting to size as required when insulating large pipe diameters, flanges or containers. With Armflex, the fabricator can always cut off exactly the length he actually needs.


Range of application:

  • heating, sanitary
  • cooling and air-conditioning Technology
  • cold water, high temperature and solar applications
  • industry, shipbuilding and rail vehicles
  • offshore, gas & oil, and low-temperature applications

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Flexible insulation made of closed-cell foam based on temperature-resistant EPDM rubber. Also available as XT version with self-adhesive foil.

✓ High temperature resistant (peak temperatures briefly up to 175 °C)
✓ Ozone-, UV- and weather-resistant insulation
✓ Very good thermal insulation properties
✓ Fire behaviour: D L -s2,d0 (EN 13501-1)
✓ Temperature application range: -50 °C to 150 °C (continuous temperature)
✓ Flexible down to - 50 °C, but can be used down to - 200 °C

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