5cm polystyrene 2ft by 4ft Foam Sheets

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5cm polystyrene 2ft by 4ft Foam Sheets
  • Standard size 5cm (2ft x 4ft )
    Light-weight, water-resistant and economical.
    Bestseller. Perfect for cheap heat insulation, photo shooting display background and fish tank underlay.
    Styrofoam is versatile and multipurpose material, ideal for big and small project
  • Uses Include: To place between joists to provide insulation, below floor screed, below concrete slabs, for postage & packaging to protect items from breaking and movement

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Polystyrene Foam Sheet 5cm (2ft x 4ft)

Polystyrene foam sheet is a light, rigid and clean material, it has reasonable compressive strength depending on density, making this material ideal for many applications including insulation, construction, packaging, art crafting and soundproofing. Polystyrene foam will insulate to keep heating or cooling inside of any room or commercial space and will not rot, mould or attract fungi. It is commonly used for construction projects, roofing, art crafts, stationery, household, furniture, and mattress.
Polystyrene foam can be used in art projects and other craft projects, because of its ability to be cut into different sizes and shapes. It is also an excellent material to use as a studio background for photography. Another common application, it can be used as heavy item underlay or cover for protection and support. When used as an underlay for a fish tank or any other type of aquarium, you’ll notice that it could reduce vibration, which will help keep your fish safe and secure. The styrofoam insulation will provide extra protection for your fish tank or other aquarium with its high thermal resistance and inertness to odor or fungus growth.
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ManufacturerCollins & Hayes
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