50mm Fibreglass Foil Faced Insulation Blanket

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walls, roofs, and floors insulation blanket

Heat Insulation Materials Sound Isolation Glass Wool for heat insulation and sound absorption in industrial workshops,  Prefab houses, Portable cabins, warehouses, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and a variety of indoor playgrounds, sports stadiums and air condition duct etc.

Country of Manufacture: Turkey
Product Description

Main specification range of Glass Wool:

Width: 1.2m

Length: 10m

Thickness: 50mm 

Density: 24kg/m3

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Distinctive advantages: 
 •  Unique technology; rebound degree after compressive packing is up to 99.2%.
 •  Soft and long glass fibers can maximally lessen flying catkins in the construction.
 •  Sound absorption and noise reduction; it can effectively prevent sound from spreading.
 •  Grade A1 incombustible materials.
 •  Easy for construction; cutting at will.
 •  Antisepsis, ageing resistance, and anticorrosion, ensuring a healthy environment.

 •  Low moisture absorption; stable physical properties.

Scope of application:
It is widely used for heat insulation and sound absorption in industrial workshops,  Prefab houses, 

Portable cabins, warehouses, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and a variety of 

indoor playgrounds, sports stadiums and etc.

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ManufacturerCollins & Hayes
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