- It is completed from a natural, sustainable substance.

- It retains fervor distinctly and traps air, which slows the sign over of heat.

- Rockwool are approvingly water-repellent.

- It has first-rate sound-deadening properties.

- It doesn’t degrade over time, subsequently has a boundless long-term functioning.

- It is breathable, it does not allow moisture to break out.

- Rockwool will develop the heat and sound resistance of any edifice!

Enhanced Soundproofing: Rock wool is outstanding as it traps channel waves and dampens vibrations. This encompasses a space heater and quieter home. Insulation to endure more than a few lifetimes.

Rockwool is fill up repellant and fog permeable, tough to rot and can last for ages. This means that Rockwool is a sustainable choice. Its fabrication is environmentally open and typically contains up to 75 percent recycled content. Rockwool allows you to invent a sustainable edifice!

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