Non-woven geotextile membrane [5.9m by 100m]

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Geotextile membrane for land drainage, geotextile membrane for drive way driveway, geotextile membrane for road, geotextile membrane for soakaway soak away, waterproof and geotextile membrane, geotextile membrane for roof leakages , geotextile reinforcement, Geotextile fabric series products include long fiber geotextile fabric and short fiber geotextile fabric. Long fiber geotextile fabric as a new kind of construction material features good water permeability and excellent drainage function.



for highway, railway embankment, dam, airport, stadium, etc. Short fiber geotextile fabric is a kind of non-woven industrial fabric. With excellent drainage, filtration, isolation, anti-seepage and protection functions are suitable for railway bed reinforcement, highway pavement maintenance, isolation of hydraulic building, coastal beach and other engineering. Woven Geotextile For Road Embankments and multipurpose application 

geotextile membrane available in 200gram 6m by 100m [600sqm]
geotextile membrane cost per m2

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Needle Punched Short Staple Fibre Polypropylene (PP) Non Woven Geotextile

Thermally Bonded Polypropylene (PP) Non Woven Geotextile


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