Deye 8kw Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Solar Inverter with WiFi

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DEYE Inverter 8 KW

This inverter is an on and off-grid inverter with many luxurious and safety features.


  • Colour touch screen LCD display
  • IP65 rated
  • Dual MPPT
  • High PV input voltage range
  • 5-Year warranty
  • Low noiseWifi monitoring
  • Model SUN-8K-SG01LP1
  • Installation:

A competent, qualified professional installer is required for the installation of all electrical systems.

What is in the box:

  • Wifi dongle
  • User manual

  • Network cable, intended for battery communication

  • External lead-acid battery temperature sensor

  • 2x MC4 connector sets
    4x Expansion bolts

  • Maximum 16pcs parallelSingle-phase: Yes
    Three-phase: One inverter per phase

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Higher Yields

  •  Improve self-consumption ratio up to 80% 
  • Reducing your electricity bill DC/AC ratio up to 1.3
  • Completely suitable for double-side PV modular Two MPPT design
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.6%

User Friendly

  • LCD Touch screen and buttons
  • Easy operation Compatible with a lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery
  •  Web browser and mobile App monitoring supported 


  • PV lightning protection
  • Anti-islanding protection
  • Leakage current protection
  • IP65 protection
  • Automatically switch from Grid-Tied to Off-Grid mode within 5ms
  • Zero export function – prevents the system from feeding in to the grid.  NRS-097 Approved. On the june 2020 approved inverter list
  • Fast reaction time is within 200ms in zero export mode


  • Programmable charging and discharging schedule
  • Both wind turbines and solar panels can be connected as DC input power
  •  16 units can be paralleled for higher system power 
  • Retrofitting of an existing solar system to an energy storage system
  • Battery Input Data

    • Battery Type: Lead-acid or Li-lon
    • Battery Voltage Range (V): 40-60V
    • Max. Charging Current (A): 190A
    • Max. Discharging Current (A): 190A
    • Charging curve: 3 Stages/Equalization
    • External Temperature Sensor: Optional
    • Charging Strategy for Lithium Battery: Self-adaption to BMS

PV String Input Data
      • Max. DC Input Power (W): 10400W.
      • PV input Voltage (V): 370V (100V-500V).
      • MPPT Range (V): 125-425V.
      • Start-up Voltage (V): 150V.
      • PV Input Current (A): 18A + 18A.
      • No. of MPPT Trackers: 2
      • No. of Strings Per MPPT Tracker: 2+2.

      AC Output Data

      • Rated AC Output and UPS Power (W): 8000W
      • Max AC Output Power (W): 8800W
      • Peak Power(off-grid): 2 times of rated power, 10 S.
      • AC Output Rated Current(A): 33.4A/35A
      • Max.AC Current(A): 38.3A/40A.
      • Max Continuous AC Pass-through(A): 50A.
      • Output Frequency and Voltage: 50/60Hz; 120/240Vac(split phase), 208Vac(2/3 phase), 230Vac(single phase)
      • Grid Type: THD<3%(Linear load<1.5%).
      • Current Harmonic Distortion: THD<3% (Linear load<1.5%).


      • Max. Efficiency: 97.60%
      • Euro Efficiency: 97.00%
      • MPPT Efficiency: 99.90%


      • PV Arc Fault Detection: Integrated (Except European Type)
      • PV Input Lightning Protection: Integrated
      • Anti -islanding Protection: Integrated
      • PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection: Integrated
      • Insulation Resistor Detection: Integrated
      • Residual Current Monitoring Unit: Integrated
      • Output over Current Protection: Integrated
      • Output Shorted Protection: Integrated
      • Output over Voltage Protection: Integrated

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