Amazingly, up to 80% of all of the energy used by buildings in Nigeria could be saved by using existing, well-proven technology. Insulation is the easiest and most cost-effective method of saving energy in homes and commercial spaces.

Avoiding energy waste is not just about saving money and creating a healthier indoor environment; it also benefits the Nigerian environment, energy security and the wider economy.

Heating and cooling account for two thirds of a building’s total energy consumption.Unfortunately, the substandard thermal performance of most buildings means that most Nigerians end up spending far too much money on their energy bills. Collectively, we are wasting billions per year. And as the price of oil rises, the cost of this waste continues to increase.

Substantial financial savings can be made by adequately insulating buildings. Common applications for buildings include loft, wall and flat roof insulation as well as the insulation of heating systems and hot and cold water services.

Clearly, the most sustainable and economically viable energy is saved energy.

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