4 inch Rockwool Pipe Insulation - Aluminium Foil Faced

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mineral wool pipe insulation in nigeria
Insulation Type  Pipe Insulation
Inches   6'' , 5'' , 4'', 3'' , 2''
Length  1m

 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm and 60mm

Material rockwool
Thermal Conductivity  0.033 - 0.034 W/mK 
Facing  Foil-faced insulation 
Density  120Kg/m3
Service Temperature  0°C to 250°C
Compliance  BS EN 14303, ISO 14001
Best used for  Heating and hot water pipes



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Product Features


  • Rockwool Pipe Insulation is made of molten rock fibres spun together 
  • Rockwool Pipe Lagging is supplied in 1m lengths in varying thicknesses and sizes
  • It is known to give superior fire resistance and sound insulation
  • Foil Faced Pipe Insulation saves energy and money with its low K-value of 0.033 W/mK 
  • Rockwool lagging works well in temperatures as high as 250°C


  • Masonry cavity walls,
  • Timber frame walls,
  • Roof rafter insulation,
  • Loft and suspended floor insulation,
  • Acoustic separation of flats,
  • Other sound deadening applications
  • Retains dimensional stability over time,
  • R-value unaffected by moisture,
  • Water repellent yet vapor permeable,
  • when thoroughly dried, will maintain the original performance characteristics,
  • Completely resistant to rot, mildew, mold and bacterial growth,
  • Does not induce corrosion,
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 1200C,
  • Does not contribute to the development and spread of fire or the release of toxic gases,
  • Effectively reduces airflow and sound transmissions,
  • Absorbs acoustic waves and can reduce the intensity and propagation of noise.
  • Production emissions are within UK legally defined limits,
  • Though mineral wool is no longer classified as a skin irritant,
  • Recyclable.
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ManufacturerCollins & Hayes
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