200KVA-5000KVA Advanced 3P AVR+ (155-285/265-495V)

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200KVA-5000KVA Advanced 3P AVR+ (155-285/265-495V)
Voltage regulation problems account for more than 90% of the power quality problems seen at most sites. PRAG Voltage Stabilizers provide protection against mains power sags, surges and brownouts.
PRAG stabilizer has a wide input voltage tolerance, and has been designed to provide the ultimate reliability in hostile environments, where the quality of the mains supply cannot be guaranteed.
  • Wide voltage regulation range
  • Maintenance free roller type carbon brush
  • Individual regulation with unique small dimension
  • High Mean time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Reliable and quiet servo motors
  • Wheels mounted for easy installation
  • Start up delay to prevent over current in-rush
  • Isolation transformer on request
  • Indoor or outdoor version on request

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HOUSEHOLD: Flats, Houses, Apartments, etc
BROADCAST: Regulation for broadcast transmitter sites and studios
COMMERCIAL: High-rise building, elevator control, large A/C chillers, lighting, other  sensitive critical systems.
INDUSTRIAL: Industrial automation, process control, CNC, factory robotics, heavy load machinery.
MEDICAL: X-ray, CT scanner, MRI system, Radiation therapy, machine, other medical imaging equipments.
TELECOM: Mobile base stations, exchanges stations, control centers and transmission relay stations.
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