200AH- 12v newmax solar gel battery


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200AH AGM newmax battery
  • Provides stability and longevity you need for your everyday renewable energy needs.
  • Longer Life
  • Maintenace Free
  • Capacity: 12V 200Ah / 10Hr Rate
  • Cyclic Use: 20% DOD - 4000 cycles
  • Cyclic Use: 50% DOD - 2000 cycles
  • FlexSealing Anti Explosion Filter
  • Leak Free
  • MaxPressTM Grid Technology
  • Maintenance Free
  • Active Carbon
  • Safety
  • Fahrenheit-SchutzTM Heat Protection Case

Newmax PNB series is a general purpose battery with 10 years + design life in float service. With up-dated, the PNB series battery maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service. It is suitable for UPS / EPS, medical equipment, emergency light and security system applications.

PNB series is AGM and VRLA type batteries available in various capacities and dimensions which can be installed in any direction.

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 The sealed structure is possible due to technology that prevents over pressuring from excess gassing. This series can be used for UPS, telecommunications, lighting systems and more.

Newmax was made in mind for telecommunication BTS, UPS, Solar and general purpose industrial applications. Newmax’s proprietary MaxPress™ grid technology along with AGM separators gives  the durability and reliability you need for your data centers, telecommunication relay stations and everyday UPS applications.

Approved by the Republic of Korea Ministry of Defense for military use, PNB series will provide the performance and reliability you need.

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