100mm Rockwool with Wiremesh 80kg/m3

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100mm Rockwool with Wiremesh 80kg/m3
Series: blanket
Material: rock wool
Color: yellow
Length: 3m
Width: 1m
Thickness: 100mm
Density: 80~120kg/m3
Facing: wiremesh




Wire mesh rock wool blanket is suitable for heat insulation, fire prevention and sound absorption and noise reduction of large pipe network, large storage tanks, containers, furnaces and air pipes, especially used for high temperature and vibration places or places with high requirements on fire prevention

1.Suitable for thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, etc. of large pipelines, containers, storage tanks, boilers, and transportation pipelines.

2.Ships, buildings and other places where there are certain requirements for waterproof and fire prevention.

3.Insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction of equipment in petroleum, electric power and chemical industries.

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is a lightly bonded stone wool mat faced with a galvanised wire mesh.

Due to their flexibility and high temperature resistance, rock wool blanket can easily be cut and fixed onto the piping.

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ManufacturerCollins & Hayes
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